Linnea’s Outfit of the Day

An outfit of the Day I Shot of Linnea last week before the snowstorm came. The weather in Stockholm is quite special during winter, the sun never gets high enough which gives you an evening/sunset look throughout the whole day.


I want to go back to this place and just shoot more but sometimes it’s better to leave the old behind and discover new places, I wonder where I will head next time!

Fitness Photography

Are you in need of new shots of yourself and your body? I’m offering a 25% discount during the entire month of December. Just get in touch with me for a quota depending on what type of images you are looking for. I do both studio and on location.

Lagun Swim

These are some of my photos I did for the upcoming swimwear brand Lagun Swim in Spain this spring. We had such luck with great weather and sunshine although it was horrible weather just a few days before. The location was stunning and I would love to return there for another shoot.


There’s a new toy in town and it’s called the M.Zuiko 25mm/1.2. For those of you who are not familiar with m4/3-system, the multiplication factor to the Full Frame is x2 so the 25mm is equivalent of 50 mm.
I hade the opportunity to try it out just 2 weeks before it’s announcement at PhotoKina 2016 and it’s truly an amazing lens. The size of it is of course bigger than the regular 25 mm/1.8 but if you want a great depth of field and be able to take shots in low light you’ll just have to deal with it, it’s anyway much smaller than the lenses you carry for a full frame DSLR. The lens is sharp and produces a nice bokeh. I used it on my Olympus PEN-F.


I did a photoshoot for the hair extension-company HairShare this spring. It’s a new brand which houses a showroom in Mall of Scandinavia here in Stockholm, sells different kind of extensions through their webbshop and are planning to expand through a new store and resellers. I did the brand imaging photos and also product photos of the hair and different hair care products.

Olympus OMD E-M1 Mark II

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Spain together with Olympus Nordic Region to try out the new flagship camera from Olympus, E-M1 Mark II. It’s a remarkable new camera and feels not just as an upgrade but as a whole new camera. I will tell you more about it later one, but these are some of the shots I made with it. The 2 photos above are photos of the camera taken with my PEN-F.