The Truth

So the truth is, I was pretty uninspired. Mostly because none of you who were reading this blog gave me any feedback at all and I must say It’s kind of boring, I really tried to entertain you and tell you something so from now on I’m not going to even give a thought about writing what I think you would think is interesting to write about, I’m just going to write the things I feel like writing. So instead of having a blog and a portfolio I decided to combine these two, welcome back!

There is a 9/11 and now there is a 11/9

I took this photo on our way from Key West in 2012, it’s also an evacuation route in case of a hurricane, I wonder if there is an evacuation route for all the Americans that don’t fit Donald J. Trumps profile of an “American”.
It saddens me that the country I’ve visited so much during the last 9 years is taking a step back.
I can’t understand how someone would elect a racist rapist sexist as their president.