BMW 5 Series

Today I visited the pre-launch of the new BMW 5-Series. It’s a wonderful machine and it’s beautiful. But for my part I would wait for the Touring model since I usually have lots of equipment to load.


It feels like it was yesterday I visited Scotland but it was in fact 7 years ago and by now they’ve actually finished the Edinburgh TRAM-line. This photo was taken in Stirling, Scotland.

Fitness Photography

Are you in need of new shots of yourself and your body? I’m offering a 25% discount during the entire month of December. Just get in touch with me for a quota depending on what type of images you are looking for. I do both studio and on location.

Lagun Swim

These are some of my photos I did for the upcoming swimwear brand Lagun Swim in Spain this spring. We had such luck with great weather and sunshine although it was horrible weather just a few days before. The location was stunning and I would love to return there for another shoot.


There’s a new toy in town and it’s called the M.Zuiko 25mm/1.2. For those of you who are not familiar with m4/3-system, the multiplication factor to the Full Frame is x2 so the 25mm is equivalent of 50 mm.
I hade the opportunity to try it out just 2 weeks before it’s announcement at PhotoKina 2016 and it’s truly an amazing lens. The size of it is of course bigger than the regular 25 mm/1.8 but if you want a great depth of field and be able to take shots in low light you’ll just have to deal with it, it’s anyway much smaller than the lenses you carry for a full frame DSLR. The lens is sharp and produces a nice bokeh. I used it on my Olympus PEN-F.

Why I said Good Bye to iPhone

My first iPhone was the 3Gs, I fell in love with it right away, it was in 2009 and it was truly something new, nothing like this easy with a touch screen has been available until then. The operating system, compared to the latest iOS, was hardly usable but still much better than what has been offered before. At that time I was a true fan of Apple, I fell in love with the Mac in 2006 so this year I’m actually celebrating 10 years as a Mac user. After the 3Gs I had an iPhone 4 and later landed on iPhone 5S, Android was something that existed but in their first versions really couldn’t compete (in my opinion) with an iPhone. The phones on the “other side” weren’t as good and sexy.

Then something happened, I started noticing Android-phones and Samsung Galaxy S6 came with a more interesting design than the others and after just using it for a week I discovered Android was such an easier operating system to use. I’m not saying iOS is bad, it’s good in a way but the connectivity with other apps and services is easier to perform on an android. Handling different cloud services was better than on iOS and the option of taking raw photos and setting the camera manually was something I appreciated as a photographer. I still think the iPhone 6S is a really nice looking and great phone but then came the iPhone 7 and I was disappointed, mostly because there wasn’t anything new and innovative with it.

The design is nothing I complain at but the same type of old screen in the phone, the low battery and the really bad screen-to-phone ratio, well I wasn’t impressed. The iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy S7 Edge have the same screen size, the difference is that I can actually hold and use the Galaxy S7 Edge with one hand but not the iPhone 7 Plus. Since the iPhone is still running on an old LCD-screen and the Samsung on it’s beautfil AMOLED the battery wouldn’t last that long as I think a brand new smartphone should in 2016. I’m sorry Apple, but it’s hardly that you make great updates on your computers anymore (I had to buy the maxed old MacBook Pro model since your new one is useless according to me) and I’m actually considering building a Hackintosh next time when it comes to a Desktop-Mac but I really hope you’ll turn around next year when it comes to the iPhone but to my own personal taste I’ve become more impressed with Android and especially Samsung Galaxy-models.


I did a photoshoot for the hair extension-company HairShare this spring. It’s a new brand which houses a showroom in Mall of Scandinavia here in Stockholm, sells different kind of extensions through their webbshop and are planning to expand through a new store and resellers. I did the brand imaging photos and also product photos of the hair and different hair care products.

Olympus OMD E-M1 Mark II

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Spain together with Olympus Nordic Region to try out the new flagship camera from Olympus, E-M1 Mark II. It’s a remarkable new camera and feels not just as an upgrade but as a whole new camera. I will tell you more about it later one, but these are some of the shots I made with it. The 2 photos above are photos of the camera taken with my PEN-F.

The Truth

So the truth is, I was pretty uninspired. Mostly because none of you who were reading this blog gave me any feedback at all and I must say It’s kind of boring, I really tried to entertain you and tell you something so from now on I’m not going to even give a thought about writing what I think you would think is interesting to write about, I’m just going to write the things I feel like writing. So instead of having a blog and a portfolio I decided to combine these two, welcome back!

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